Padina Craiului
Padina Craiului
For us health, safety and comfort of tourists are very important values. The following rules are created for the exclusive benefit of our clients and allow us to provide quality services. For these reasons, any breach of these rules we reserve the right to deny access inside the pension!
Rules of internal order

  1. Check-in 14.00 hours, check-out 12.00 hours. Where you will be presenting at the pension after 23.00 hours please notify our service staff in advance.
  2. The payment of accommodation costs will be made at the reception desk on arrival in the pension, except reservations online payments and other arrangement in advance.
  3. The payment of extra cost services offered by our pension is performed at the time of their performance.
  4. The access to outdoor grill is organized only through our pension staff.
  5. Between 23.00-08.00 and 14.00-16.00 hours are considered rest periods; because each tourist comfort is important to us, please keep quiet.
  6. It is banned smoking in rooms and common areas inside the pension. Smoking is permitted only outside terrace and cellar, in compliance with fire protection rules.
  7. It prohibits the consumption of food and beverages in rooms.
  8. It is forbidden the access with pets inside the pension.
Rules regarding access to the Jacuzzi

  1. It is forbidden to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. It is forbidden to people with open wounds, dermatitis, dermatosis or diseases – the pension reserves the right to deny access to people who have skin problems in the Jacuzzi.
  3. Entry into Jacuzzi is made only in a bathing suit, it is not allowed to enter Jacuzzi in street outfit. People who do not comply with this rule will be evicted from the Jacuzzi.
  4. Not allowed running and imprudent games in edge of the Jacuzzi. It prohibits pushing persons in water. We are not responsible on possible injuries or health problems caused by these reasons.
  5. It is completely prohibited to urinate in the water! The reagents from the water will indicate that the person making it and we shall charge for changing the water of Jacuzzi and compensation for other tourists present.
  6. Children under 7 years old are allowed in the Jacuzzi if they are accompanied and supervised by parents! It is strictly forbidden to children unaccompanied or unsupervised!